From the birth of talking pictures in the late 1920s to the emergence of the European New Wave and rising counter-culture in the 60s, Hollywood studio movies dominated the American market. We now broadly define these movies as Classic Hollywood, but during their heyday they were romantic. They were pictures of beautiful people, doing beautiful things, wearing beautiful dresses and suits while speaking beautifully composed sentences. They never worried about paying rent or finding a parking space, they woke up with their make-up on and were never behind in a conversation. It was fantasy, and audiences ate it up like … Continue reading ALLIED


When it came to the paranormal, Ed and Lorraine Warren were the people to call. These two demonologists, and agents of the Catholic Church, found themselves attached to many supernatural cases including The Amityville Haunting, an event that made several headlines at the time and continues to live on in infamy in a several feature films and TV movies. Critics of the Warrens decry their work as a hoax, while many remain steadfast in their beliefs: the Devil is real and demons walk among us. This time around the Devil has taken two forms: Bill Wilkins (Bob Adrian), an old … Continue reading THE CONJURING 2

Movie Beat – 7.25.14

And So It Goes – Oren Little (Michael Douglas) is not a nice guy and he prefers it that way. He makes his living as a realtor, and he gets his kicks by making others completely miserable. Then his estranged son shows up and drops off Susan (Sterling Jerins), the granddaughter he never knew he had, and Oren has to reevaluate some perspectives. Diane Keaton, John Scott Shepherd and Frances Sternhagen pitch in and lend him a hand. Script from Mark Andrus and direction by Rob Reiner. In limited release from Clarius Entertainment.   The Fluffy Movie – Gabriel Iglesias … Continue reading Movie Beat – 7.25.14