A samurai watches his younger sister cut down in front of him and he proceeds to exacts his revenge. But they are legion and he is one. No matter, death is a small price to pay when vengeance is on the table. Except that death is not in the cards for this samurai, not today and not ever. Based on the manga by Hiroaki Samura, Blade of the Immortal tells the tale of Manji (Takuya Kimura), a roaming samurai who has been cursed by a witch to forever walk between the winds. No matter what happens to Manji, no matter … Continue reading BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL


Colorado is home to a plethora of film festivals — from the very small and local to the very large and international — but the Stanley Film Festival (SFF), playing April 30 – May 3, is a rare one. Existing left of center, SFF embraces all that is wonderful and demented about horror movies. Located in the haunted historic halls of the Stanley Hotel, SFF brings together classic and contemporary horror cinema and offers a slate of movies that range from high camp to deadly serious. Much like romance and comedy, horror movies use very specific moments and tropes to … Continue reading STANLEY FILM FESTIVAL

Born On This Day – August 24, 1960

“I don’t think about the audience, I don’t think about what makes them happy, because there’s no way for me to know. To try to think of what makes for entertainment is a very Japanese thing. The people who think like this are old-fashioned. They think of the audience as a mass, but in fact every person in the audience is different. So entertainment for everyone doesn’t exist”. –Takashi Miike Continue reading Born On This Day – August 24, 1960

Born On This Day – August 24

“I don’t make rules myself. I didn’t study enough to be able to make them. I’m too stupid. I spend my whole life making movies, so I have to enjoy it. Even at times when we had a very tight and difficult schedule, it was always enjoyable. Of course I wonder if the film will be successful afterwards. It’s wonderful if a film becomes successful as a result of the enjoyment that we had”. –Takashi Miike Continue reading Born On This Day – August 24