There are few filmmakers in the annals of cinema as notorious as Pier Paolo Pasolini. From his first film, Accatone — documenting a messianic pimp — to his last, Saló, or the 120 Days of Sodom: an infamous and notorious work that is either 145 minutes of filth so depraved it cost the filmmaker his life or a grand subversive masterpiece. Pasolini, the latest release from provocateur Abel Ferrara, opens with the Italian director, played magnificently by Willem Dafoe, putting the finishing touches on his final film. Pasolini is 53, gay, a pluralist in the highest regard, and lives with … Continue reading PASOLINI

Starz Denver Film Festival: Day 9

Long live freedom! Enrico (Toni Servillo) represents the leftist party in Italy, and no one seems to like him. When he tries to give a speech, a woman yells at him, accusing his of killing the party. Enrico suffers from depression, and he’s just about fed up with it all. Giovanni (also Toni Servillo) is Enrico’s twin brother, a poet, a philosopher and possibly insane. When Enrico goes MIA, Giovanni is brought in as a temporary replacement, but possibly more considering that Giovanni doesn’t want to play the game and speaks his mind. His advisors thought it would spell disaster, but the people love him. The … Continue reading Starz Denver Film Festival: Day 9