This week in Film — VERTIGO

When Vertigo was released in 1958, Alfred Hitchcock wasn’t just a household name, he was a franchise. Between his TV show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and a new film every year, audiences were never far from the Master of Suspense. Under those circumstances, it should be no surprise that his 1958 melodramatic ghost story, Vertigo, slipped through the cracks. The following year, North By Northwest would become iconic, and Psycho would change everything the following year. Still, Vertigo remains. Thankfully, TCM Big Screen Classics is bringing back Hitch’s masterpiece for two days in celebration of its 60th anniversary. Time to fall in love, all over again. Continue reading This week in Film — VERTIGO


Did he train you? Did he rehearse you? Did he tell you exactly what to do, what to say? You were a very apt pupil too, weren’t you? Scottie’s questions at the climax of Vertigo do more to illuminate the inner workings of the film’s director than the entire ninety minutes that is The Girl. Hailed as Alfred Hitchcock’s masterwork, Vertigo (1958) stars James Stewart as Scottie, a man in love with a woman, or his idea of a woman. He loses the first woman and then finds another woman just like her. Scottie does whatever he can to recreate her in … Continue reading THE GIRL