In Their Words — Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cassavetes Films Gena Rowlands for 'A Woman Under the Influence' (1974)
John Cassavetes films Gena Rowlands for A Woman Under the Influence (1974)

They live with anger and hostility and problems. And lack of money, you know, tremendous disappointments in their life. So what they need is a philosophy. What I think everybody needs is a way to say, “Where and how can I love and be in love so that I can live with some degree of peace?” So that’s why I have a need for the characters to really analyze love, discuss it, kill it, destroy it, hurt each other, do all that stuff, in that war, that word polemic and picture polemic of what life is. And the rest of the stuff really doesn’t interest me. It may interest other people, but I have a one-track mind. That’s all I’m interested in. It’s love.

—John Cassavetes