Born On This Day – June 27, 1941

Krzysztof Kieślowski“It’s a well-known theory that film has twenty-four frames to the second, and that a film is always the same; but that’s not true. Even though the reel might be exactly the same, the film’s entirely different when it’s shown in a huge cinema, to an audience of a thousand, where a certain tension and atmosphere are created in perfect conditions, on a perfect screen, and with perfect sound. It’s a completely different film when shown in a small, smelly cinema in the suburbs, to an audience of four, one of whom might be snoring. It’s a different film. It’s not that you experience it differently. It is different. In this sense, films are hand-made; even though a film can be repeated because the reels are the same, each screening is unrepeatable.”

“When the protagonist turns the camera on himself, he realizes that one can only portray the world through oneself… I turn the camera on myself in all my films. Not all the time, perhaps, but often. But I do it in a way so nobody can see it.” –Krzysztof Kieślowski