Born On This Day – October 9, 1969

Steve McQueen“I’ve seen behind the curtain. It’s a bit Wizard of Oz-like. I admit I was excited about Cannes when Hunger launched there and then that was a success and I went to Hollywood for the first time and, my God, I was thrilled, you know, seeing the big letters: HOLLYWOOD. But after a few dinners with people and drinks parties, you realize it’s all about rolling up your sleeves. I got on the Paramount lot for the first time and, yes, I saw gladiators walking by and elephants and then you see the scaffolding and the trucks and it is all just work…. It’s not what I make films for. So I wish I was still a punter, going to the cinema on a weekend. Dreams are nice, but now I’m a bit back down to earth with the whole world of film and dreams fade. I don’t want to be down on it but, if I’m honest, it’s very disappointing. Like when you realize there’s no Father Christmas… It’s all just false, isn’t it? I recently met some people who I looked up to and admired and I found out they were just normal – there are no gods out there.” –Steve McQueen