Born On This Day — November 6, 1947

Edward Yang - Camera

I really don’t play favorites with my own films because I already feel lucky enough just being able to make a film in Taiwan. So every time I get behind the camera, all of my energy and effort is concentrated there. And although there may be areas that I feel aren’t perfect, I know that it isn’t because I didn’t work hard enough. Sometimes those are actually the most interesting parts. When I look back I discover that I have always been doing the same thing. Every time I get behind the camera to direct, I approach it as if it were my first film… Filmmaking is my passion, it is what I love to do, so I never feel that I’m at ‘work’—I feel like I’m at play! So when people comment on how interesting my job is, all I can do is smile because I agree with them! So I always encourage young people to follow their hearts and choose a career that they really enjoy and love. If you do that, you’ll never feel that your job is hard work.

—Edward Yang