Born On This Day — December 30, 1906

Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles, and Carol Reed making The Third Man (1949).

They’re all disappointments in the end. You only see the things you wish you had done. In the theatre you can take a play and then change it on tour or cut it down, but once you have finished a film and shown it, that’s it… No, I have no favourites.

Following the picture through to the last detail is critical, terribly important. You know, not enough directors are willing to do this. They are too eager to run off and play in the south of France—they want their money fast and easy. As soon as shooting is over they’re thinking of the next picture and are willing to turn the current one over to the studio to cut. They’re apt to say, ‘I’m too close to the picture now’. That’s nonsense. To make a good film you’ve got to sit down at the moviola day after day—all day—running the footage over and over, trying combinations.

Carol Reed