Set in a post-apocalyptic world—what brought about the end, we’ll never know—It Comes At Night explores horrors without and horrors within. The horrors within are much worse. The titular “it” takes the form of nightmares that plague 17-year-old Travis (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) following the death of his grandfather, a victim of the unnamed plague that ended civilization.

Unfortunately, there is little left in this world to ease Travis’s deepest fears. Least of all, his father, Paul (Joel Edgerton), a man who will stop at nothing to protect his wife, Sarah (Carmen Ejogo), and Travis. There are still survivors in this wasteland, but as Paul darkly intones, “You can’t trust anyone but family.”

But when the world goes mad, even family is suspect.

Inspired by the paintings of Bruegel the Elder and full of ominous chiaroscuro lighting, It Comes At Night is a moody and atmospheric horror film that reflects on the demons one learns to embrace in the name of survival. As with his first feature, Krisha, writer/director Trey Edward Shults makes the most of the least, relying on shadow and sound to terrify. It is, but not as terrifying as human nature.

It Comes At Night is in wide release.