KCET, an independent and non-commercial Los Angeles TV station, offers stellar programming. From old Huell Howser episodes to the award-winning Lost L.A., KCET does an excellent job of exploring how past fissures inform a fractured present.

Their most recent production, Broken Bread, stars L.A. chef Roy Choi (above) in a six-part series that looks at how the people of L.A. are using food to affect social change, and how the city of L.A. is providing food to its citizens.

As the title suggests, Broken Bread is not one of those typical documentaries about helping hands and successful models, the kind designed to make you feel-good for just watching; nor is Broken Bread a bland call-to-action. The problems Choi discusses are very real, and the solutions are in constant flux. Choi doesn’t just acknowledge that flux, he lives it.

All six episodes are available to stream at KCET, but with Hulu also providing Broken Bread to its subscribers, there is an even better chance for exposure.