When Jose Bergoglio was elected pope in 2013, it was the first time a Jesuit held the position, the first time a priest from the Americas was elected, and the first non-European to serve as the bishop of Rome since Pope Gregory III in 741.

Taking the name Francis, Bergoglio quickly set about to mend relations with the diocese, return the Church’s charge to helping the poor, and moving his flock into the 21st century. For many, he was a breath of fresh air in a dusty room.

Born in a traditional Catholic family, German filmmaker Wim Wenders was granted access to make a movie about Pope Francis, and the result is something like a documentary, with touches of didactic discourse — Francis addresses the camera often, while Wenders shows him at work among the people of the world.

Given a theatrical release in 2018, Pope Francis: A Man of His Word was a surprise hit, taking in a box office total of $8.5 million. It is currently streaming on Netflix, and acts a the perfect companion piece to Netflix’s latest acquisition, The Two Popes.