Starting Friday, Jan. 24 and screening through the weekend at the Sie Film Center, KUNC film critic and CU-Denver film professor Howie Movshovitz will host Cinema noir et blanc, a series of seven French films from a bygone era.

The genesis of Movshovitz’s series came from Bertrand Tavernier’s 2017 documentary, My Journey Through French Cinema. The documentary took Tavernier over five years to put together and found him watching 1,000 films to decide what went in the doc and what didn’t. Restorations of several movies were required, as were copious amounts of extra-textural research (particularly Tavernier’s discovery of director Jean Renoir’s shifting politics).

The result is a massive visual essay, a personal love letter, and a nearly three-and-a-half-hour long class on French cinema. Pencils ready? My Journey Through French Cinema is currently streaming on Kanopy, and catch seven of the films featured at the Sie Film Center, Jan. 24-26.