We all have our things. Chip Gutchel (Tyler Cornack) likes things up his butt. It’s a recent development, one brought on by a routine prostate exam. Before that, Gutchel’s life lacked spice: Bland home, a wife who might be cheating on him, a kid who’s just there, and a job where the highlight of the day is when the boss gathers the employees around to congratulate one of them with freestyle.

Except for Gutchel’s sudden anal curiosity, it’s all pretty rote. But, this is no ordinary kink, and Gutchel graduates from run-of-the-mill pokey-poke to things far more sinister. The whys and hows behind Gutchel’s fixation are a bit of a mystery—a mystery Det. Russell Fox (Tyler Rice) is tasked with plundering.

How deep that mystery goes is the overall intrigue of Butt Boy. But as intrigue morphs into shock—yes, they do go there—Butt Boy feels more like a sophomoric joke than it does anything deeper.

Directed by Cornack, and written by Cornack and Ryan Koch, Butt Boy feels like an exploitation film by way of David Cronenberg. And, like Cronenberg’s work, Butt Boy is not for the casual viewer. The title was probably your first clue, but fair warning just in case.

The good news: Butt Boy is engaging and intriguing. Made with a limited budget on the streets and suburbs of Los Angeles, Butt Boy cinematographer William Morean cribs from the works of John Carpenter and Michael Mann to good effect. It’s obvious they aren’t working with a wealth of money, but nothing here looks cheap.

The bad news: There’s not more here beyond the bananas premise. The performances are fine but add little. Of the three leads, Fox is the most enjoyable to watch, even if his main mug is a sneering face. Gutchel seems a tad too tapped out considering what’s he been keistering all these years, and his wife, Anne (Shelby Dash), does the best she can with nothing.

But the biggest disappointment is how Butt Boy’s bonkers hook doesn’t make the leap from page to screen. Weird to say a movie involving a man shove animate and inanimate objects up his rear isn’t weird enough, but it isn’t. In Freudian psychology, the anal stage relates to the potty training period of childhood development. According to the good doctor, a fixation during this period could either lead to a rigid and obsessive personality (anal-retentive) or messy and destructive (anal-expulsive).

Butt Boy has aspects of both but settles on neither—Gutchel just like shoving his problems up his butt. Fox needs to find out what’s in there. For what purpose? For what great cause? That one’s up to you.

Butt Boy (2019)
Directed by Tyler Cornack
Screenplay by Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch
Produced by Ryan Koch
Starring: Tyler Cornack, Shelby Dash, Tyler Rice
Epic Pictures, Rated TV-MA, Running time 100 minutes, Streaming

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