Cox & Kjølseth

Filmmaker extraordinaire Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Walker) and CU-Boulder International Film Series curator Pablo Kjølseth have a weekly podcast where they talk movies while sipping beer. Since I specialize in both, they were kind enough to invite me for a couple of episodes.

In the first, I cover Sorry We Missed You, Corpus Christi (I loved both), and give some thoughts on the future of the brewing industry in a COVID-19 pandemic. In the second, we chat up Deerskin (they liked it more than I did). You can listen to both below but click here if you’d like to subscribe to future episodes.

Apr 17 2020, Sorry We Missed You: Pablo invites guest speaker Michael Casey to dive into new indie titles as well as the state of breweries during the pandemic. (20 min)
Apr 24 2020, Strange Skins: With Michael Casey joining Alex and Pablo, the three weigh in on Quentin Dupieux’s newest weirdness, Deerskin. (26 min)