The Second World War was fought on the land, in the air, and on the sea. And in the Atlantic Ocean, there is a space just out of range of Allied air forces. Here, only sea vessels go: “The Black Pit.”

Greyhound—directed by Aaron Schneider and written by Tom Hanks—takes place in that pit, a section of the Atlantic Ocean where the USS Keeling, call sign “Greyhound,” captained by Ernest Krause (Hanks), must protect a supply convey from German U-Boats. Three days of white knuckles and peril on the high seas, which Schneider captures with a relentless level of action that seems neither over the top nor over-indulged. Even when the enemy German U-boat hails the American destroyer (Grey Wolf to Greyhound), Hanks and Schneider find a way to keep it from feeling contrived. Ditto for the dramatics on the bridge: Stolen glances between the men wondering if their untested captain can respond.

He can, and he does: It is Tom Hanks, after all. All the performances here are good, as is the cinematography from Shelly Johnson—close, but not claustrophobic. It’s a movie of tactics, resolve, and a little bit of faith. Maybe 10 minutes too long, but who’s counting.

Greyhound is streaming on AppleTV+.