KDVR: How will movie theaters recover from the pandemic?

Last Friday, KDVR (Fox 31/Channel 2 in the Denver-metro area) wanted to know what I thought about movie theaters reopening. I had a few thoughts:

“Michael Casey is a well-known local film critic.” Flattery will get you everywhere.

I think the piece came together nicely. If you can’t tell from my enthusiasm, I am extremely excited to see movies in the theater packed with strangers. I know spending time with strangers is the last thing many people want to do right now, but without them, cinema isn’t a communal activity; it’s just watching a movie on a really big TV.

I’ve been to the cinema three times since the initial closure last March—TenetNomadland, and The MauritanianTenet and The Mauritanian I saw by myself, Nomadland I saw with my mother, grandmother, aunt, and cousin. To hear them gasp at a particular moment in the story, to feel their energy while they watched the movie, reminded me of what I was missing while I watched all those movies on my couch last year.

Along the Front Range, most AMC theaters are open. So are Cinemarks, Landmarks, and The Lyric in Fort Collins. If you’re on the fence, I can attest that people followed the rules and behaved accordingly in all three outings. I recommend it; just make sure you bring a friend or family member. It’ll make the experience all the better.