If there is anything I have learned from watching movies it is this: never, ever take that one last job. No matter how much money, no matter how great the chance of fame, no matter the guilt involved, never take that last gig. Too bad that these punks have never seen a movie, or they might have figured that out. But alas, they didn’t and a broke hardcore punk band — lead by guitarist and lead-singer, Pat (Anton Yelchin) — takes one last gig hoping to salvage some aspect of this cross-country trip. Not that they’re desperation isn’t understandable; they … Continue reading GREEN ROOM


World War II wasn’t just a war between the Allies and the Axis; it was a war between the forces of good and the forces of evil. For Britain in particular, it was a war that was fought for King and Country, for tradition and for the righteousness of order. Evil was defeated, order was restored and all who survived, lived to see the future that they fought so hard for. Queen & Country depicts that future, and all the baggage the war brought with it. The King is dead and Queen Elizabeth II ascends to the throne and inherits … Continue reading QUEEN & COUNTRY