Mentor, painter, and sailor, Bushnell Keeler, originated the idea but when David Lynch got ahold of it, the art life went from aspiration to execution: “You drink coffee, you smoke cigarettes, you paint, and that is it. Maybe girls come into it a little bit…” Check, check, check, and check. Still going strong at the age of 71, David Lynch — filmmaker, painter, sculptor, musician, coffee salesman —reflects on his art life, the events that shaped him, and the creative process that accompanied him the entire way. The conclusion is simple: he is the art life and the art life is … Continue reading DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE

Born On This Day – January 20, 1946

“It’s better not to know so much about what things mean or how they might be interpreted or you’ll be too afraid to let things keep happening. Psychology destroys the mystery, this kind of magic quality. It can be reduced to certain neuroses or certain things, and since it is now named and defined, it’s lost its mystery and the potential for a vast, infinite experience.” –David Lynch Continue reading Born On This Day – January 20, 1946

In Their Words – Monday, January 21, 2013

“I always say Fellini inspired me. I love being in Fellini’s worlds. And Billy Wilder and Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. To revisit those certain films and go in that world is just—It’s a world that didn’t exist and now it exists. There are some people that are—I always say that they don’t like so much abstraction. They don’t like to feel lost. They like to know always, always, always what’s going on. And when they don’t feel that, they feel a little crazy. And they don’t like that. Other people—and I’m one of them—I love to go into a world, be … Continue reading In Their Words – Monday, January 21, 2013