Mentor, painter, and sailor, Bushnell Keeler, originated the idea but when David Lynch got ahold of it, the art life went from aspiration to execution: “You drink coffee, you smoke cigarettes, you paint, and that is it. Maybe girls come into it a little bit…”

Check, check, check, and check. Still going strong at the age of 71, David Lynch—filmmaker, painter, sculptor, musician, coffee salesman—reflects on his art life, the events that shaped him, and the creative process that accompanied him the entire way. The conclusion is simple: he is the art life and the art life is he.

But anyone going to see David Lynch: the Art Life hoping for a survey of his cinematic career is going to be sorely disappointed. Concerning the years from Lynch’s birth in 1946 to the production of his first feature in 1977, The Art Life is stream-of-consciousness narration while Lynch works in his art studio. That may not sound like much on the page, but the man behind such creative and cockamamie works as Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive knows how to spin a captivating yarn.

David Lynch: the Art Life opens at the Sie Film Center on June 2.