Like most franchise movies of the past decade, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald begins en media res. And like most franchise movies of the past decade, the filmmakers aren’t interested in catching you up on who’s who, what’s at stake, or even what’s going on. It’s up to you to come to the cinema like good little Hermione Grangers with every book, movie, and Pottermore article fully digested and ready to be regurgitated at the drop of a hat. Not that it’s going to make Grindelwald any less boring, but at least you will know who is talking to … Continue reading FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD


The Walt Disney Company has had a long and storied relationship with Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. When Walt Disney struck out on his own to make a hybrid of live action and hand-drawn animation, he turned to Alice for the 1923 short, Alice’s Wonderland. It was a success and Disney milked the Alice Comedies for another 56 installments, over the course of the three years, and allowed Disney and his brother, Roy, to head out west to make their name in Hollywood — animator Ub Iwerks and cameraman Rudolf Ising followed. Twenty-eight years later, Disney returned to Carroll’s works with the … Continue reading ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS


Without a doubt, you have seen the work of Ralph Steadman before. His work has graced the cover of Rolling Stone (multiple times); he illustrated the books of Hunter S. Thompson, did the poster art for the British movie Withnail & I and even designed the labels for Colorado Microbrew, Flying Dog. His paintings are as distinct as they come and if Steadman suddenly chose to stop signing them, no one would be confused as to whose they were, but the world would be robbed of one fantastic signature. Steadman is most know for the illustrations for Thompson’s Fear & … Continue reading FOR NO GOOD REASON

Movie Beat – 04.25.14

Blue Ruin – Dwight (Macon Blair) appears to be just another drifter who has shown up unwelcome in a random town, but that is not the case at all. He is back to settle a score, but it will cost him and put his family in danger. Dwight is not exactly assassin material, and things quickly spiral out of control. Bonnie Johnson, Eve Plumb, Amy Hargreaves, David W. Thompson and Devin Ratray co-star in this movie that was awarded the International Critics Pick at the Cannes Film Festival. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier and in limited release from RADiUS-TWC. … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.25.14

Movie Beat – 04.18.14

13 Sins – Do we make the choices that we make because we were born that way, or because a series of events brought us to this point? Well, when you have someone down on their luck and up to their eyeballs in debt, you can pretty much count on them acting in desperation. That is what Elliot (Mark Webber) is going to prove. He is a down-and-out salesman when a mysterious phone call comes and offers him a way out. He takes it. Even if that means doing some pretty horrific stuff to everyone else. Ron Pearlman is the … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.18.14


The Lone Ranger - Poster

The Lone Ranger, the tale of how John Reid (Armie Hammer) became The Ranger, is told to a young kid (Mason Elston Cook) by an elderly Tonto (Johnny Depp). Tonto plays fast and loose with perspective, apparently having intimate knowledge of many scenes that he did not witness first hand, but let’s no get hung up on those details, this is a summer blockbuster, and those things don’t matter. After all, this is a Comanche character being played by a white actor in face paint. If you can accept that, then the rest of the movie shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Continue reading “THE LONE RANGER”

Movie Beat – 07.03.13

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me – It takes balls to call your band “Big Star” and even bigger balls to call your first album “#1 Record” but that was the way of Big Star. Quite possibly the most influential band you’ve never heard of, they released three albums in the 70s, received a lot of acclaim, but disappeared back into the ether. A decade and change later, they were rediscovered when alternative bands credited Big Star as a huge influence on them. If you like the music of The Replacements, R.E.M., and Oasis, then you will probably dig Big … Continue reading Movie Beat – 07.03.13