There is a story I heard — possibly apocryphal, but too good to dismiss — that when The Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, something happened that never happened before or since in the history of New York City: not a single crime was reported. For the 10 minutes that the Fab Four played “All My Loving,” “Till There Was You,” and “She Loves You,” even the criminals of Manhattan stopped and took notice. Approximately 23 million households, 34% of the American population, tuned into The Ed Sullivan Show that night because something magical was happening, … Continue reading THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK – THE TOURING YEARS

Movie Beat – 05.09.14

Breastmilk – Breast milk is better for a child and produces a more intimate connection between mother and baby than formula does, but in this fast paced business world, it just takes too long. Too long to pump, too long to abstain from a cocktail, too long to feed the child. This is American and we want things now! Of course, raising a child requires time, and breastfeeding is just one of those activities that require time. Standing firmly on the side of breastfeeding, Breastmilk is a very blunt movie about the difficulties facing the modern mother. From director Dana … Continue reading Movie Beat – 05.09.14

Movie Beat – 04.25.14

Blue Ruin – Dwight (Macon Blair) appears to be just another drifter who has shown up unwelcome in a random town, but that is not the case at all. He is back to settle a score, but it will cost him and put his family in danger. Dwight is not exactly assassin material, and things quickly spiral out of control. Bonnie Johnson, Eve Plumb, Amy Hargreaves, David W. Thompson and Devin Ratray co-star in this movie that was awarded the International Critics Pick at the Cannes Film Festival. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier and in limited release from RADiUS-TWC. … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.25.14


Sound City - Banner

Behind the Hollywood Hills, tucked away in the San Fernando Valley, hidden on a side street in Van Nuys was the recording studio, Sound City. It was open for business in 1969 and would go on to be a recording studio for some of the greatest albums of the 20th Century. However, time has not been kind to the recording business and Sound City, and as Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age said, “There are no more book stores, no more music stores, and no more Sound City.” Sound City is more than a documentary about a recording studio, it is Dave Grohl’s love letter to music and it’s legacy.

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Obsessed individuals, few things are as entertaining to watch. Their motivation, their endurance, their insanity can be quite hilarious while simultaneously awe-inspiring. Jeff Orlowski’s latest documentary, Chasing Ice, follows nature photographer James Balog and his team as they trek up glaciers all in the name of environmentalism. Or maybe it’s in the name of photography. Regardless why they do it, they do manage to get some killer footage while trying to do some good. Chasing Ice doesn’t waste any time hitting us over the head with a bunch of statistics trying to convince us of global warming. The documentary accepts that global … Continue reading CHASING ICE