The East - Poster

The East is a domestic terrorist group that terrorizes big business and corporations that commit heinous acts against nature in the desire for greater profits and lower costs. We are introduced to their mission statement, a YouTube video the organization uses to advertise its presence and to document their acts. They call these acts “jams” and the first jam targets the residence of an oil tycoon whose tanker ship sprung a leak in the gulf destroying wildlife and the natural habitat. The East gives the tycoon a taste of its own medicine and pumps oil into his house through pipes and air ducts. The security cameras capture footage of crude oil bleeding from heating vents and running down the walls, a terrifying violation of house and home. This video comes with a voice over from one of the members, letting the world know that they are watching and they are coming. The sentiment expressed is similar to the one Tyler Durden gave us over a decade ago in Fight Club, “We cook your food, we take out your trash, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us.”

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Movie Beat – 05.31.13

After Earth – One thousand years ago, mankind was driven from Earth and forced to relocate. Without man ruling the planet, animals have evolved into something much more dangerous and deadly. Not the greatest of places to crash-land a spaceship. The only two survivors are the father and son duo of Kitai (Jaden Smith) and Cypher (Will Smith). They must do everything they can to try to brave the new world, but they are going to have to do it while an alien that they were transporting on the ship hunts them down. Written by M. Night Shymalan (who also … Continue reading Movie Beat – 05.31.13