Growing-up is hard. Growing-up in a strange land is even harder. That’s what Morris (Markees Christmas) is dealing with. His father, Curtis (Craig Robison), moved the two of them out of the Big Apple and into the 500-year-old city of Heidelberg, Germany. Curtis coaches soccer — he used to play for a German team — and Morris raps, or tries to. That’s how he hopes to get out. Thirteen-year-old Morris doesn’t know much about life outside of gangster rap, which he listens to non-stop. He idolizes Jay-Z and has Biggie memorized. When he comes up with his own rhymes, the … Continue reading MORRIS FROM AMERICA


Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) and Colin (Paul Eenhoorn) are ex-brother in-laws (they married sisters). Colin’s first wife — Mitch’s wife’s sister — died a while back, but the two have kept a tentative relationship going. Why not? Once you reach a certain age it’s hard to make new friends, easier to stick with the one’s you’ve got. Now Colin is coming off another separation, this one a divorce, and Mitch decides to cheer him up by taking him on an all expenses paid vacation to Iceland. Colin isn’t a 100% sold, but Mitch, a retired doctor, insists that he burn … Continue reading LAND HO!