Born On This Day — November 17

Scorsese & De Niro 'Casino' (1995)
Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro making Casino (1995)

We’re face to face with images all the time in a way that we never have been before. And that’s why I believe we need to stress visual literacy in our schools. Young people need to understand that not all images are there to be consumed like fast food and then forgotten—we need to educate them to understand the difference between moving images that engage their humanity and their intelligence, and moving images that are just selling them something.

Martin Scorsese - The Departed
Michael Ballhaus observes The Departed (2006)

Each film is interlocked with so many other films. You can’t get away. Whatever you do now that you think is new was already done in 1913.

—Martin Scorsese